AVEVA™ Operations Control

Aligning teams towards operations excellence

Unlocking greater insight and collaboration with AVEVA Operations Control

AVEVA Operations Control brings the software your teams need to operate at their best. Give all of your users actionable information to drive better decisions in realtime to excel and drive increased operational efficiency, reliability and agility with a cohesive and sustainable software framework, from edge to enterprise. This new unlimited offer represents a step change in helping speed up time to value through seamless accessibility to our robust portfolio, going beyond HMI and SCADA to include manufacturing execution, analytics and rich cloud-based capabilities that unlock greater insight and collaboration. Every team, whether on the plant floor, in the control room, or operating across the enterprise is empowered to do more, in alignment with each other. Build your foundation towards operational excellence with AVEVA Operations Control.

Operational Simplicity Through Flexibility

Three core offers provide all the tools necessary for Plant/Field, Control Room, and Enterprise teams to drive actionable information, collaborate effectively, and accelerate their operational excellence. Add-on offers for Manufacturing Execution and AVEVA Insight, Guided Analytics provide advanced functionality including MES, workflow management and AI.

A perfect solution for frontline teams that require local process monitoring and control at the asset, equipment or line level with IIoT and embedded HMI capabilities.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA Insight, AVEVA Teamwork, AVEVA Reports for Operations and other tools

Ideal for centralized management of distributed SCADA or operations into single unified plant model aimed at driving standardization across departments.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA System Platform
AVEVA Insight, AVEVA Teamwork, AVEVA Reports for Operations and other tools

IT/OT convergence platform aimed at driving collaboration and enterprise visibility across regional or global operations.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA Unified Operations Center
AVEVA Insight, AVEVA Teamwork, AVEVA Reports for Operations and other tools

Increase manufacturing flexibility while securing quality and consumer safety by providing product and process guidance.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA Discrete Lean Management
AVEVA Batch Management
AVEVA Recipe Management
AVEVA Work Tasks


Create anomaly alerts to explicitly identify a group of data tags for predictive analytics monitoring.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA Insight

Bring a smarter future into focus with the confidence to operate from edge to enterprise

Building resiliency into everyday operations from edge to enterprise improves overall efficiency, reliability and agility.

Download our e-Book and explore how AVEVA Operations Control delivers what it takes to achieve operational awareness for industrial and infrastructure organizations in a digitally-driven world.

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A holistic approach to operations control Whether an edge, supervisory, or enterprise user, advanced digital solutions like AVEVA™ Operations Control deliver a holistic approach to operations management and visibility. A subscription-based model like AVEVA™ Flex allows for flexibility and scalability, so you only pay for what you need when you need it.

By approaching operations control holistically, organizations can improve operational efficiency by enabling collaboration and the real-time flow of information across the entire enterprise. Analytics tools, whether on-premises or in the cloud, unlock new insights for every type of user, whether they’re tasked with bringing an asset back online, supervising plant conditions, or informing stakeholders of recent developments.

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