Digital Transformation

Empowering People with Smarter Ways of Doing Business

Empowering People with Smarter Ways of Doing Business

AVEVA illuminates the value digital acceleration brings to industries. Our technology seamlessly delivers the data and insight enterprises need to empower the modern workforce. We help customers become more sustainable and profitable across engineering and operations, and maximize asset, production and supply chain performance.

What Does Real Digital Transformation Mean?

AVEVA partners with customers to deliver real world value through accelerated digital transformation.


Impact for a $100M capital project


Increase in equipment utilization


Increase in sales value of production


Manufacturing cost reduction

How Does AVEVA Accelerate Digital Transformation?

At AVEVA, we partner with customers to lead this transformation, enhancing engineering, operations, and performance, to maximize business value. Our comprehensive software portfolio provides everything you need to transform your industry and unlock real business value.

AVEVA helps maximize production of oil and gas from onshore and offshore wells safely and economically.

AVEVA helps manage day-to-day activities of crude, refined products, gas, and petrochemical pipelines to ensure your operations are safe and efficient.

AVEVA maximises LNG production through improved asset reliability, reduced energy usage, and optimized process yields and throughput.

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