Customer Excellence

We help you get the most from your technology to achieve your desired outcomes.

Exceeding our customers expectations has always been our main goal and therefore the Customer Excellence business unit has a clear mission to ensure our existing customers’ satisfaction. A critical mission that we knew what it takes. We have partnered with the most experienced System Integrators and Ecosystems and created a perfect collaboration environment to make sure our customers are keeping their systems always updated and healthy while following AVEVA best practices.

AVEVA™ Customer First – Technical Support Programs

Our AVEVA Customer FIRST program is four-level fee-based software maintenance and technical support program designed for end-users to extract and retain the maximum benefit from their software investments, including software delivered via one of our flexible subscription options. Customer FIRST is purchased in the form of an annual or multi-year agreement, purchased separately or as part of a software subscription. Customer FIRST is the foundation of our service and support relationship with customers. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, including software version upgrades and maintenance, expert technical support and success-based services to help you get the most value possible from your investment in our software and keep your operations running smoothly.

The Customer FIRST program helps you get:  Continuous software maintenance and innovation through software version upgrades to evolve your software solution to best address your changing business needs

  • Global Access to technical support experts that are adept at resolving issues quickly, capitalizing on years of experience
  • Optional services, resources, and system management applications to efficiently maintain and optimize the performance of your software and meet your changing business needs

Software Upgrades

AVEVA software is generally upgraded twice a year to further improve performance and security, incorporate new technology and provide new functionality to meet evolving market demands. Software upgrades give you the power to improve the reliability and capability of your software application and extend new functionality to others in your company.
AVEVA has an unparalleled history of investing in software development — clients using our software can maintain their engineering investment and seamlessly upgrade from one version to the next. We are very proud of this deliberate R&D practice because it allows our clients to keep their software current without adding significant capital and engineering costs.

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