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AVEVA Select Gulf Partners Beats  3

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Intelligent Services, our AVEVA authorized system integrator, successfully aligned with National Industries Company to integrate all their plant units into one unified SCADA platform using AVEVA Solutions.
The challenge of having both Siemens PLC & MOXA gateways at the sites called for a solution that provides advanced integration capabilities.
Recommended by both the end user and the system integrator, AVEVA System Platform was chosen to cover the project’s requirements and overcome its challenges since the AVEVA OI Gateway and AVEVA
MODBUS provided seamless integration between AVEVA System Platform from one side, and Siemens PLC & MOXA Gateway from the other side.
Additionally, AVEVA Reports provided the customer with automated report generation capabilities that supported their IO requirements and offered entire remote access to the application through an unlimited web client license providing the customer with the accurate information needed at the right time.

Our Certified system integrator TeQnovation, has successfully completed a new tunnel project in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
One part of the project consisted of upgrading the existing AVEVA legacy solution for one of the tunnels to the latest AVEVA System Platform combined with advanced InTouch OMI capabilities in order to improve traffic monitoring and control. The integration included several sub-systems such as the Solari Traffic Management System, Tunnel Lighting System, Pedestrian Detection systems, Overhead Vehicle Detection systems, and more. On the other hand, the core SCADA system in the second tunnel was also converted to AVEVA System Platform and integrated into the unified platform.
TeQnovation succeeded, with AVEVA Select Gulf support, to deliver an iconic solution that empowers the customer with a centralized view that improves the situational awareness of real-time operations and allows them to make faster and smarter decisions.

SYSCOM, our AVEVA Certified system integrator, has successfully completed a new project for a large utility in the United Arab Emirates. The project’s scope requested a comprehensive solution that includes PLC, SCADA, and access control systems.
In addition to the challenge of delivering a solution that responds to the customer requirements, SYSCOM had to manage the hardware brand diversity with protocol integration constraints, all while following the requested high standards.
To ensure the success of implementing efficient data management, SYSCOM leveraged AVEVA Historian, known for its capability of efficiently storing and retrieving vast volumes of data. Connected with AVEVA Plant SCADA (formally Citect SCADA), the overall system ensured a healthy workflow, reduced the deployment’s development time, and provided the customer with a smooth data flow.

Khatib & Alami Digital Services, our authorized AVEVA system integrator, has partnered with a key government water corporation in the Gulf region to support them and accelerate their digital transformation journey.
The customer’s main objective was to improve the company’s operations through digitally enhanced and automated remote asset monitoring and improved data collection and data-driven visualization and analytics.
K&A has counted on AVEVA PI System as the cornerstone solution, together with Esri’s GIS platform, real-time IoT systems, asset management, and other enterprise applications such as production scheduling to optimize the overall cost of water production.
The solution offered by K&A revolutionized the end user’s digital capabilities and supported best practice operations, maintenance, and control of their Water Business.

Automation Techniques Contracting Company (BMS Plus) Joins Forces with AVEVA Select Gulf as an Authorized System Integrator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

AVEVA Select Gulf announces that Automation Techniques Contracting Company (BMS Plus) has joined AVEVA’s system integrators network. This strategic partnership aims to deliver innovative solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and quality across industries such as Infrastructure, Chemicals, Food&Beverage, Pharma, and Smart Factories.
“We are thrilled to join forces with AVEVA Select Gulf as a system integrator and our partnership objectives to deliver innovative solutions that enhance our clients’ operations and drive long-term growth”, said Yousef Ramadan, Sales Manager at BMS.
Through AVEVA’s comprehensive suite of products, BMS Plus can ensure optimal system availability within clients’ budgets and project timelines while maximizing their profitability. As a system integrator, BMS Plus is committed to leveraging AVEVA’s expertise to deliver long-term value and help clients around the Saudi Kingdom to achieve their business goals.

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