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AVEVA Operations Control 2023 release

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We are glad to announce the launch of the 2023 release of our AVEVA Operations Control software, the first major coordinated release of the HMI/SCADA software portfolio, available in both perpetual and subscription purchases.

Watch this video to explore what’s new in AVEVA Reports for Operations 2023

AVEVA Operations control 2023 is the first major release of AVEVA’s combined software portfolio. It offers comprehensive capabilities to drive beyond HMI/SCADA and achieve greater efficiency and workforce collaboration through holistic operations control. We have improved operations control 2023 with UI/UX enhancements, more support for industrial graphics, increased flexibility for web and mobile users, and greater connectivity.  Specifically, with this release AVEVA has updated the following products: AVEVATM System Platform 2023, AVEVATM System Platform Enterprise 2023, AVEVATM InTouch HMI 2023, AVEVATM Edge 2023, AVEVATM Plant SCADA 2023, AVEVATM Historian 2023, AVEVATM Communication Drivers 2023, AVEVATM Reports for Operations 2023, and AVEVATM Development Studio.

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